Susan Matthews

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Susan Matthews 'End Of The Want'

End Of The Want

Catalogue Number SW116
Siren Wire Recordings, 2018


Susan Matthews 'Here Comes The End Of The World'

Music for Compilations, 2001-2016

Two cds in a hand made card 'vinyl record' style sleeve with printed insert

Catalogue Number SW115
Siren Wire Recordings, 2017


Window Tappers

A collaboration between Susan Matthews & Tony Wakeford

Gruinard Island
30 Months Of Solitude
Toward The Lake
Only Tears
My Wish
I Can Bend Time For You
Well Done

Catalogue Number SW114
Siren Wire Recordings, October 2017


10 tracks in a hand-made, full-colour card, record style sleeve


Pefkin 'Finalinstar'

The Unease Of The Aurelian
Scorched Wing
July Highflyer
The Uncertain
Merveille du Jour

Catalogue Number SWE028
Siren Wire Editions, October 2017



Elizabeth Veldon 'Seven Haiku...'

'it would melt in my hand: seven haiku by basho (and a song cycle)'

Catalogue Number SWE027
Siren Wire Editions, December 2016

Veldon web small


Susan Matthews & Marco Lucchi 'River Moon'

The Moon Is Phasing
The River Is Flowing

Catalogue Number SW111
Siren Wire Recordings, December 2016

River Moon front


Susan Matthews 'Stand The Blows'

Stand The Blows (Part One)
Stand The Blows (Part Two)
Stand The Blows (Part Three)

Catalogue Numbe SW110
Siren Wire Recordings, December 2016

Stand The Blows small


Susan Matthews 'Monsters (End Game)'

Earth Song
Crawling All The Way

Catalogue Number SW109
Siren Wire Recordings, October 2016

monsters front web small

Nine tracks in a printed, hand made, 'vinyl record' style card sleeve


Susan Matthews 'From Veliko'

The Road From Veliko (Part One)
A Room Of Lights
St Paul In The Yantra

Download Release by Pilot Eleven, July 14th, 2016
Catalogue Number: PE08

CD Release by Siren Wire Recordings, July 2016
Catalogue Number: SW108

From Veliko Front small

'Matthews’ music… is balladic but also tenuous, offering a creaking fragility amongst its slight textures. While it starts on the sort of crumbling piano composition Grouper might have made circa ‘Ruins’, these three tracks all feel distinct, with “A Room of Lights” offering a downbeat song in the vein of Mount Eerie -- a cracked and desperate vocal atop a dinky keyboard preset that feels both homely and homesick. “St Paul In The Yantra” is a foggier, more traditional drone piece, covering over the city it’s tributing with a thick layer of cloud. Think Siavash Amini on this tune: a slow-moving but deeply affectionate sound. A good set.'
Robin, Norman Records, August 2016

Three tracks in a full-colour, hand made, envelope style card sleeve


Susan Matthews 'Choked'

Alternative mixes of songs from the album 'Tales From The Forbidden Garden'

Wretched Mess (Ext. Mix)
Chokeback (Instrumental)
Left Brain Anarchist (Edit)
Zenith (Ext Mix)
Flinch (Recoil)
Who Speaks For Truth (Edit)

Catalogue Number: SW107
Siren Wire Recordings, 2016

Choked web small

Five tracks in a full-colour, hand made, envelope style card sleeve


Susan Matthews 'Tales From The Forbidden Garden'

Ninth Solo Album by Susan Matthews. Released Monday 30th April 2012

Who Speaks For Truth?
The Middle Road
Skin Layers Scars
In Your Eyes
Wretched Mess
Flinch Recoil
Left Brain Anarchist
Almost As Already Is

Catalogue Number; SW100
Siren Wire Recordings, 2012


Outsider mentalist Susan Matthews is doing something a bit different on this new CD. It's all been based around a series of guitar 'jams' on an analogue tape given to Susan by her friend Laurence Kain shortly before he died. What she's done here is take those jagged, percussive jams, cut them up, manipulated them, and provided her own vocals and percussion and various other instruments to create something new and finished, and serve to document their friendship and Susan's loss. At the start it's a manic, deranged burst of wounded-animal aggression. Sonically chaotic and grimy, lyrically vulnerable and raw, with the delivery alternately channelling Birthday Party-era Nick Cave, Lydia Lunch and Eve Libertine. In the quieter moments there's often buzzes and creaks for a claustrophobic, panicky effect, and as the album progresses it moves more into disjointed, loop-based atmospheres. The songs are succinct enough to never lose your attention, conjuring surreal post-punk and chaotic noise and weird skittish atmospheres which are varied and focused and raw. A document of the final communique between two friends, there's an almost invasive sense of intimacy here as the desperate, grief-cracked singing of closer 'Almost As Already Is' rings hazily out. It's hard not to give it your full attention. An artful, honest and emotional mix of noise rock and ambient textures and altogether a unique and brave piece of work.
A Norman Records recommendation (3rd May 2012) - (5 out of 5 Stars)
Mike, Norman Records, May 2012

Ten tracks in a printed, hand made, 'vinyl record' style card sleeve


Listen to/Download Tales From The Forbidden Garden here:

Download of album includes full cd artwork

Harme 'Ashes Of The Soul'

Flame Of The Forest
Feet Of The Lequecho Bird
Shivering Tree
Blood Star
Gwendraeth Fawr

Harme is a collaboration between Susan Matthews & Clint Newton

Catalogue Number SW99
Siren Wire Recordings, 2012


Seven tracks in a printed, hand made, gatefold, card sleeve


Ashes Of The Soul can also be downloaded in a variety of formats here:

Download of album includes full cd artwork

Susan Matthews 'Alone In The Midnight Ocean'

A Pig Shaped Hole In The Universe
Red Throated End Game
My Son's Heart
Invisibilty As A Form Of Self-Defence
Babies In My Dream
Imperfect Prisms
Shy Child
My Name Is Blind

Catalogue Number SW97
Siren Wire Recordings 2011


Nine tracks in a full colour, hand made, card sleeve (similar to vinyl record) with full colour inner sleeve


Alone In The MIdnight Ocean can also be downloaded in a variety of formats here:

Download of full album includes FREE download copy of The Sea Breathes ep together with full cd artwork for both releases

Susan Matthews 'The Whispering Void'

The Sorrow That Never Leaves
Piano For Roan
babycomeback,br>The Moon Has Left Her Mark On Me
The Lie That Holds Up The Sky
Time Will Leave Me Behind
Shani's Aqikah Gift
Dark Matter

Catalogue Number SW90
Siren Wire Recordings, 2010


This gives off a claustrophobic feel right from the very start, with electronic effects that make you want to look over your shoulder...gentle piano...has an accompaniment of hushed voices, occasional spoken French, and...background noise that can be disturbing...It’s not a harsh or brash musical environment to be in...Unsettling and portentous in the main, but when the strings and piano get their grip on things, it’s also a weird delight...All in all, a sheer pleasure trip for anyone from the dark-side, an occasional delight for us mortals who prefer the light (Kev A,

Nine tracks in a jewel case with full colour hand made inserts


The Whispering Void is also available on itunes and all other major download stores

Susan Matthews 'In Search Of The Shadow Walker'

Sixth Solo Album featuring:
Water Takers
The Deepening Dark
On Gwendraeth Fach
The Age Of Hills
Charlotte's War
King Of The World
Llanrhidian Marsh
Shadow Walking


'This is the first time I've heard Susan follow an entirely instrumental path and (with all due respect to her singing) it's something I'd certainly like to hear more of. She has a fully developed and thoroughly engrossing composition style that, aside from occasional brushes with the familiar (track 4 - Broken - would be perfectly at home on the soundtrack to Amelie), is an absolute delight. She weaves heavy, weighty, almost gothic, tapestries around delicate melodies and a prismatic exoticism. A beautiful album (Ian Holloway, Wonderful Wooden Reasons)

'Solo piano and birdsong...interspersed with ominous drone work and gothic, classically-inflected keyboards' (Volcanic Tongue)

'...matches brief, almost impressionistic piano, synth and keyboard pieces with subtle sound effects and snippets of natural sound. The mood is dreamlike and evanescent. Short tracks and plenty of variety make for an absorbing listen' (Terrascope)

This CDR is available to buy from Sonic Oyster Records. Please contact:

Ten tracks in a plasic slip case with colour inserts

Susan Matthews 'Axis Vein'

Breech Wretch
Moon Tremors
The Blood Harvest
The Empty Auditorium
(Moon Bound)
The Cartography Of Fear
The Architect's Demise

Catalogue Number SW81
Siren Wire Recordings, 2008


’Axis Vein’ plays out like a piece of audio-theatre. Cinemascope sound-effects, swathes of industrial noise and ominous electronic tones make skeletal soundscapes that progressively intensify as layer on layer of skree piles on-top- the end result being a set of songs that play out like a requiem to lost dreams. ‘Axis Vein’ is interspersed by poignant and introspective segments of melancholic keys which are combined with electronic crackle and fuzz to create a dark and atmospheric soundscape

Matthews’ use and combination of subtle textures and pronounced dynamics makes you drift into a warm and inviting abyss from which you don’t want to leave. It is one of those releases that grows and grows on the listener with each listen and most definitely grabs the attention if listened to in a captive environment. So dim the lights, shut the curtains and lock into ‘Axis Vein’, you will not be disappointed (KS,

'...abrasive textures are punctuated with stuttered formulas and organic-noise floors that stretch and contort...tracks...shimmer with high frequency disturbances, lo-fi rumbles and rains of abrasive electronics, inverted sounds and loops. 'Axis Vein' succeeds because it has the power to interact with its audience and as such reward, it represents a marvelous and vibrant talent within the genre' (Michael Cunningham, Judas Kiss Magazine)

10 tracks in a jewel case with printed, hand-cut inserts


Matthews/Lericolais 'Homothetique Ricochet'

Debut album by Susan Matthews and Rainier Lericolais featuring:
Introduction de la Performance
Un Silence Dysfonctionnel
Pas Encore la Verite
Passionee de Vous (edit)
Un Silence Dysfonctionnel (a'capella)
Passionee de Vous
Un Silence Dysfonctionnel (Instrumental)
Une Performance de Leurre
Un Long Silence Dysfonctionnel

Catalogue Number: SW78
Siren Wire Recordings, 2008


'...abstracted and distant, combining slow and wispy electronic modernist instrumentals with strange layers of whispered vocals..the sound world created here is new and unusual' (Ed Pinsent, The Sound Projector)

'Rainier coerces Susan's music and vocal samples towards a more European, sometimes jazzier sound, but without losing the intense personal nature of her work. While some of these mixes embellish her sound with a more extravagant style, others are sparse and get even closer to the bone, the different angle tapping a new vein and taking us deeper into Susan's intimate psychological soundscape, and closer to Susan herself (or the projected idea of what she represents within the music). For any collaboration, you've got to admit that's pretty remarkable' (Dan Schaffer, LiveJournal)

Ten tracks in a jewel case with hand made inserts


Susan Matthews 'The Silent Architect'

Fourth Solo Album featuring:
Spring Dancing
The Mariner's Lament
Through Form
Almost February
Samhain Lullaby
The Passing

Catalogue Number: SW75
Siren Wire Recordings, 2007


'Using the most fragile and lucid instrumentation and composition Susan guides us on journeys across the loneliest of landscapes. Her musicianship transporting us on a most melancholic distraction from reality. Beautiful' (Ian Holloway, Wonderful Wooden Reasons)

'The Silent Architect represents a real change in focus for Matthews; gone are the complex intertwining layers of dark sound, the emphasis being on gentle minimal sounds accompanied by carefully chosen field recordings. The end result is an interesting one as Matthews’ is still able to create an album that, while it is markedly different in content and style to her previous albums, is still very much recognizable as her work' (Paul Lloyd, Igloo Magazine)

10 tracks in a jewel case with full colour hand made inserts


Susan Matthews 'Hope-Bound'

Third Solo Album featuring:
Passionate About You
A Decoy Performance
Joy's Farewell
Seven Tears
A Dysfunctional Hush

Catalogue Number: SW74
Siren Wire Recordings, 2007


'...a collection of out-there explorations in which ambience and narrative, found sounds and lost noises are somehow hauled together to make something that will stir the thoughts inside your head even as it flicks you round the's not rock 'n' roll - not even close - but these anomalous atmospheres have their own nerves-and-nightmares charm' (Uncle Nemesis, Nemesis To Go)

Ten tracks in a jewel case with full-colour hand made inserts


Susan Matthews 'Bruiser'

mbox 2
Hushed Corrosive
The Message
Summer's Over

Catalogue Number SW71
Siren Wire Recordings, 2006


'...from...abstract soundscapes with distorted sound manipulations and noise 'cut-ups', to delicate ambient washes of sound to more malevolent and dark ambient soundscapes – all with occasional vocals subtly interwoven within them...a wonderfully impressive album that has more than enough originality and presence about it' (Lee powell Judas Kiss Magazine)

'BRUISER...takes (Susan's) hypnotic harmonies and experimental industrial noise to a new level of despair and delight. Intenesly personal, projecting hope and trauma in equal measure, BRUISER tangles the brutal with the fragile in a forbidding texture of sound that penetrates on so many levels at once, it's like being touched by a ghost...totally brilliant, even when it hurts' (Dan Schaffer, Live Journal)


Eleven tracks in a jewel case with printed, hand-cut inserts

bruiser is available to buy through all major download retail sites including iTunes, Napster etc

Susan Matthews 'SirenWire69'

Botanical Rite No.1
Bruised Letter
Blister Lip Mutation
Botanical Rite No.2 'Aural Effigy'
Black Plug
A Perfect Happiness
Grieving Naid,
Botanical Rite No.3 'Shift 8vb'

Catalogue Number SW69
Siren Wire Recordings 2005


' album that holds a wonderful amount of intrigue and passion...fractured sounds and delicate played pianos are interspersed with improvised noises and childlike imagery to produce a complex and thought provoking energy...For those of you who still crave the avant-garde experimentations of ‘industrial- music’, then ‘SirenWire69’ could well be your siren song. Let it entice you in' (Lee Powell, Judas Kiss Magazine)

Ten tracks in a jewel case with printed, hand-cut inserts