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May 2018

You've probably noticed I'm having some website difficulties! Over the next few weeks I'll be swapping hosts and re-doing the entire site. Hopefully it will be up and running by the summer. In the meantime here's a round-up of current news:

Black Letters For The Lilies, cd release

This is result of my collaboration with Thorsten Soltau. Black Letters For The Lilies is available on cd (and download) with exclusive artwork by my dear friend Rainier Lericolais. Pop over to Thorsten's bandcamp to listen and order the cd:

Turning Point @ Lush

I recently recorded a 'Turning Point' for Lush Player. It's 5 minutes on my thoughts about mental health and my approach to coping. Have a listen here:

Feel free to message with your thoughts/ideas/feedback etc: siren

Bad Art Exhibition

I have a couple of pieces of art on show as part of the 'Bad Art' exhibition at Blank Space Gallery, Oslo. The exhibition is a fun look at how we judge and define art. it runs until the 5th July, 2018

Interference Exhibition

As part of my work with Divergent Contemporary Art Collective I will be exhibiting new visual art together with new sound art by a host of my favourite composers: Rainier Lericolais, The Dead Mauriacs, Annemarie Borg, Marco Lucchi, Andrew Paine, Caroline Mckenzie, Empty Vessel Music, Clint Newton, Ian Holloway, Gayle Brogan (Pefkin)

The exhibition begins towards the end of June in the Chate room at King Street Gallery, Carmarthen. A printed booklet/cd package will be released to coincide with the exhibition.

January 2018

Art Exhibition

During February Susan will be exhibiting new visual art, namely a series of 'Graphic Scores' as part of Divergent Contemporary Arts Collective. The exhibition will be held in the Chate Room at King Street Gallery, Carmarthen, Wales from 2nd-14th February. Featured artists are: Kate Bell, Amy Goldring, Mark Ingream, Fi Latus, Susan Matthews and Tom Morris


End Of The Want

To welcome 2018 Susan has made a new recording available via her band camp page:

The cd is available from our store



December 2017

Here Comes The End Of The World, CD Release

Here Comes The End Of The World a double cd collection compiling all of Susan's music for compilations from 2001-2016 is now available



November, 2017

Art Exhibition

As part of her work with Divergent Contemporary Arts Collective Susan has contributed a series of posters to the Reset exhibition. The exhibition will run from 6-11th November 2017, on Level 2 of Swansea Grand Theatre.

The posters form part of a wider project called Choked/Lifesong in which Susan invited participants to submit a photograph of their throats along with a short written account of their thoughts on all aspects of bullying and abuse. Susan has made the photographs and written accounts into a series of A3 posters, 10 of which will be included in the exhibition. Contributors include: Andrew Paine, Caroline MacKenzie, Annemarie Borg, Fern Oxley


The Window Tappers CD Release

Susan's musical collaboration with Tony Wakeford will be released by Siren Wire Recordings on 30 October, 2017.


To order the cd plus download code, please select postage destination



October 2017

Final Instar by Pefkin - CD Release

We are extremely proud to announce the release of the latest album by Pefkin on Siren Wire Editions

Released 30th October, 2017
Please visit the Siren Wire Editions page for more information


To order, please select postage destination



De Stijl is 100

In celebration of 100 years of 'De Stijl' L'Art Pénultième have curated DE STIJLPHONE a limited edition cassette, book and art print set featuring contributions from:



Listen to the music and order the set from:

'Unset' Exhibition

As part of her work with Divergent Contemporary Arts Collective Susan has contributed a series of photographs to the Unset exhibition. The exhibition will run from 2-14th October 2017, on Level 2 of Swansea Grand Theatre.


September 2017

New Compilation Track

Susan has contributed a previously unreleased recording to Indie Rock Mag's extensive tribute to Twin Peaks

The compilation, which is Vol VII in the series, is entitled 'The Wood Holds Many Spirits (My Log Saw Something That Night)' and includes Susan's 'The Road From Veliko (Part 3)'


Brutal Fractures Review

review of Susan's latest release Brutal Fractures has been added to our reviews section.

July 2017


Swansea City's first Troublemakers' Festival takes place this month. Susan will be premiering two new works at the festival.

The first Echolalia is an audio/visual installation featuring music by Susan and film by Mark Ingram. It will be shown at The Tech Hub Basement Cafe on Thursday 13th and will be moved to The Volcano Theatre on Sunday 16th.
The second new work is The Impractical Picnic This is a performance art piece by Divergent Contemporary Arts Collective and will take place in the middle of High Street outside The Volcano.

Divergent Contemporary Arts Collective was founded by Susan and Mark in June 2017 and will focus on the production of exciting multi-media art works including: Video, Sound, Fine Art, Sculpture, Performance Art, Textiles, Photography etc.

'Echolalia' at Volcano

Susan & Mark at Troublemakers' Festival

Susan with Bernadette Russell (Sign Of The Times)

Susan 'Sign Of The Times' at Troublemakers' Festival

Brutal Fractures - Review


Robin at Norman Records has awarded Brutal Fractures 8/10. Read his full review on our reviews page.

June, 2017


Susan's first new solo recordings since 2016's From Veliko will be released by Sonic Oyster Records on 30th June 2017

‘Brutal Fractures reflects my fascination with Brutalist Monuments: concrete snapshots that capture a significant moment in history. It also represents the fracturing of the human psyche in response to trauma. Concrete, like the psyche, wears, weathers and erodes. It sufferers through experience and its’ interaction with the world, the elements, the environment, the people... but, like the survival instinct of the traumatised brain, it remains resolute’ Susan Matthews, June 2017


Composed & Produced by Susan Matthews, 2017
Release Date 30th June - Limited to 50 CDR
Susan Matthews: Piano, Voice, Percussion, Field Recordings, Yamaha PSS-480 Keyboard, Toys, Electronics
Mark Ingram: Bass Guitar

Listen to Brutal Fractures here:

Sonic Oyster Records

Some Perfect Curtains Vol.2

Composer Marco Lucchi is currently curating Vol.2 of his compilation album dedicated to the closing tracks of imaginary albums'. Susan has contributed a previously unreleased version of Invisibility As A Form Of Self-Defence from the imaging album Invisible Fractures


Listen to the album here:

May, 2017

Blue Star Rising

Susan has been working with video artist Mark Ingram on the installation piece Blue Star Rising which will be shown as part of the Departure group exhibition at The Volcano in Swansea, High Street from 20th-26th May





New reviews of Before I Was Invisible and From Veliko courtesy of The Sound Projector have been added to the reviews page

before i was - small web

From Veliko Front small

April 2017


This month sees two new releases on Siren Wire Recordings

Clint Newton and Susan Matthews return with the fourth instalment in their collaborative project Harme. 'Crashing On An Unnamed Island' is their first new material since 2012 and will be released on cd and download very soon



Susan is also set to release an ep of remixes from 2016's 'From Veliko'. The ep is available on CD and/or download. The download version comes with piano sheet music for the opening song 'The Road From Veliko (Part Two)

More details soon

Return To Veliko front web

Return To Veliko back web

January 2017

New Compilation

Susan has contributed a previously unreleased track, St Paul In The Yantra (Tsenovo Mix), to the latest Necktar compilation on Le Colibri Necrophile. The album features an astounding lineup of 215 artists and is available for listening and/or downloading from:

necktar 2017

December 2016

Three New CD Releases! and SPECIAL OFFER

This December we have 3 new cd releases:

1. Elizabeth Veldon

Experimental composer Elizabeth Veldon has recorded a stunning improvised piano project for the Siren Wire Editions label.
Read more at our dedicated Siren Wire Editions page.

Veldon front web

2. Susan Matthews & Marco Lucchi 'River Moon'

As you may be aware Susan Matthews has been organising her music archives and preparing many 'lost' songs for release. The latest is a collaborative project with Italian composer Marco Lucchi

As part of Susan's Motion.Silence.Echo project Marco remixed two pieces by Susan: 'The Moon Has Left Her Mark On Me' & 'On Gwendraeth Fach'. An edited version of the later was included on Motion.Silence.Echo but now the full version plus The Moon Has Left Her Mark On Me' are available on CD for the first time

River Moon front small

Listen here:

3. Susan Matthews 'Stand The Blows'

This is an experiment for piano. It is an attempt to express emotional and intellectual chaos in musical form. Snippets of cluttered melodies are heard, the ear grabs a hold before clarity is snatched away…

Includes three mixes of Stand The Blows

Stand The Blows front_1

Listen here:

October 2016

Monsters (End Game)

monsters front web

Monsters (End Game) is a previously unreleased collection of electronica pieces recorded around the late 1990s

monsters back web

September 2016

The Blue Tree 'Dark Moon: Burn / Shine'
New CD Release:

blue tree front web

Limited to 50 copies in full colour, hand-made, gatefold sleeve.

Released: 1st September, 2016, Order details on the Siren Wire Editions page


Susan has contributed guest vocals to the latest single by Sol Invictus. 'The Last Man' is available on 7" vinyl and is released by Prophecy



News Round-up

A number of new reviews (of 'From Veliko' and 'Before I Was Invisible') have been added to the Reviews page

Indie Rock Mag did a lovely feature on Susan's music as part of their 'Le Streaming Du Jour feature:

'The Road From Veliko (Part One)' was featured in Vital Weekly's Podcast 1043:

'A Room Of Delights' is featured in Mark Whitby's Dandelion Radio podcast throughout the month of September:

'The Road From Veliko (Part One)' is included in the White Market Podcast: 'Melancholy and Time Travelling':

July 2016


From Veliko was created for Net Label Day, 2016 and will be released by Pilot Eleven on 14th July 2016

It will initially be available as a download release with a cd format coming soon

From Veliko was inspired by Susan's recent visit to Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria and features three new recordings

From Veliko Front web


April 2016

Veliko Tarnovo, March 2016

I'm feeling energised and creative following my recent visit to Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria. Recording for my next solo album is now underway!

 photo 12888728_10154003328788563_6276426736991356313_o.jpg

January 2016

Many thanks to Fluid Radio for their lovely review of Before I Was Invisible

 photo fluid radio review jan 2016.jpg

Before I Was Invisible is available from Wild Silence

December 2015

Two New Releases!

1. Christophe Bailleau 'My Darkest Friend My Heart'

An extended work of fragile beauty and poignant heartache

bailleau front

Limited to 50 copies in full colour hand-made gatefold sleeve, designed by Christophe Havot

Released: 31st December 2015

2. Thorsten Soltau & Marina Stewart

Our debut cassette release!

SWUnicatipH 1

Released: 31st December 2015

Susan Matthews & Rainier Lericolais 'Decembre'

Rainier Lericolais and Susan Matthews have contributed a new recording to a compilation 'dedicated to searching for what Musique Concrète could & can be...'

In tribute to John Cage all works are 4'33" in length and the full album can be streamed at the link below, you can also support the project financially by purchasing the album

The compilation also features new and previously unreleased music from: ziurmuzik, Ben Presto, mutantbeatniks, BRUME, Extreme Volume Pop, buttfromagun, Shaun Robert, Baby On Board, John Wiggins, Furchick, J'owl, Niku Senpuki, VJ Franz K, Public Domain

November 2015

I Closed My Eyes To Name The Silence

The new album from Susan Matthews & The Dead Mauriacs is now available from our online store

The 3 track album, recorded earlier this summer, will be released on Monday 30th November. Listen to an extract of the opening song Villa Diolati at band camp

The album is released in a full-colour printed sleeve, hand-made by Susan and featuring original artwork by Olivier Prieur


Thorsten Soltau & Marina Stewart

Coming soon! Our debut cassette release! Limited to 50 copies with a soft coated white card-stock inlay

SWUnicatipH 2

SWUnicatipH 4

For those without a cassette player there will be a digital release via bandcamp

October, 2015


We're very happy to announce Susan's latest collaboration with Rainier Lericolais will be released by the Wild Silence label

'Before I Was Invisible' will be available on cd in November 2015


Matthews and The Dead Mauriacs

'I Closed My Eyes To Name The Silence' by Susan Matthews and The Dead Mauriacs will be released before Xmas by Siren Wire Recordings

smaller 1

September 2015

From A Dark Place - A message from Susan

September 1st will mark the 10 year anniversary of my debut album SirenWire69!

Wow, 10 years!

To celebrate I plan to upload/post something new everyday for a year! There will be music, books, photographs, art, writing and anything else that inspires me...

The year long project will start Sept 1st 2015, so please check back regularly and help me celebrate 10 excitingly creative years, Susan xxx

You can follow Susan's progress here at - please check our From A Dark Place page regularly

August 2015

ST ATOM HEART 'Those Days' and 'Blessed Light' - new releases on Siren Wire Editions


Each limited to 50 copies in professionally printed sleeves

Released 12th August 2015

April 2015

'Shadow Wraiths' & 'Tidal Limbs' CD Releases

The Shadow Wraiths album and Tidal Limbs ep by Susan Matthews will both be released on Monday 27th April 2015!

Both in full colour sleeves, hand-made by Susan.

shadow wraiths front

shadow wraiths back

tidal limbs front

tidal limbs back

Order your copies from our online store!

January, 2015


A message from Susan...

'After a long, dark and very difficult year I'm over the moon to announce the release of 'Shadow Wraiths' (Remixes and Re-Imaginings from my album 'In Search Of The Shadow Walker' - Sonic Oyster Records, 2010

I hope you enjoy!

shadow wraiths front

Have a Fantastic New Year and please check back regularly throughout 2015!

Much love, Susan xxx

ps - Shadow Wraiths can be downloaded via Bandcamp (for FREE!!!) and there will be a cd release very soon

June 2014

Avantgardefestival Schiphorst, Germany, 20th June

Susan contributed vocals to a new work by Thorsten Soltau which was performed at the Avantegarde Festival, Schiphorst. Susan wrote a moving prose on the subject of mental illness, which was set to the structure of David Bowie's 'Space Oddity'.

A recording of the performance can be heard here:

There are plans for a video to be created to accompany the track featuring Susan's vocals and for a cd release of the project. UPDATES SOON!

February 2014

NEW RELEASE - 48 Cameras 'Run Amok Run


Limited to 50 copies in full colour hand-made gatefold sleeve

Released: Monday 10th February 2014

"48 cameras are known as an international project of variable geometry.f or now the collective includes 9 members coming from various countries, cultures & disciplines. some of them never met, and line-ups vary according to the projects requirements. so, for this special issue, 4 of them took part in the recordings".



Susan has contributed vocals to a live performance by The Dead Mauriacs

 photo safe_imagephp.jpeg

'Dans le jardin des soupirs, il n'y a qu'un escalier' was performed live at PiedNu, Le Havre, France, november 30th, 2013.

It is currently available as a download or a limited edition cdr:

This is a 25 copies limited edition. The cover are handpainted and pyrographed on plywood. The images are made from 4 different drawings combined by two on each cover, which give 25 different covers.

Full details here:

October, 2013


Live at The Parrot, Thursday 17th October 2013

Courtesy of Rhodri Thomas


To celebrate their first live performance together, Ian & Susan have compiled a limited edition cd to give away FREE to audience members at The Parrot on Thurs 17th Oct

 photo 993694_10152073265773319_1129110758_n.jpg


A little piccie of Susan (with 'Cookie Monster' feet*) by taken Ian Holloway during rehearsals for their gig at The Parrot, Oct 2013


* courtesy of Jenny Jo (Empty Vessel Music)


Tangled Parrotica Presents Ian Holloway & Susan Matthews' live.

Thursday 17th October, at The Parrot, Kings Road, Carmarthen, SA31

expect pianos, electronics, music boxes, thunder makers, film, a great atmosphere... oh, and Jim Jones



September, 2013

The Dead Mauriacs 'L'Experience'

Susan has contributed vocals to new music from The Dead Mauriacs. 'L'Experience' is alimited edition cassette only release on L'Art Penultieme / EPAC. For more details visit:

 photo pub_l_exp_rience_2.jpg

 photo pub_l_exp_rience.jpg

 photo 1002511_669771359719209_1359061572_n.jpg

July, 2013


Swansea based psychedelic/drone/electronic musician Ian Holloway's latest cd Somnia is released by Siren Wire Editions on July 22nd.


May, 2013


The Dead Mauriacs have released new music featuring Thorsten Marc Soltau and vocal contributions from Susan. Released in extremely limited quantities on 7" vinyl

 photo 966259_339472752848941_436933090_o.jpg

 photo 976560_339472756182274_946624364_o.jpg

 photo pubsaturnaliadisque.jpg

 photo saturnaliacopie.jpg


We have a few copies of the 'Midwinter Prelude' cd left. This was a very limited run featuring unreleased mixes and rarities in individual hand-made sleeves by Susan. The sleeves each featured a unique photograph taken by Susan. The discs were given away to family and friends shortly before Xmas 2012. If anyone would like a copy please let us know.

 photo DSCN5466.jpg

March, 2013

MARZANNA UPDATE, 31 March 2013

Please note: Honey In A Goldmine' by Marzanna is now SOLD OUT
Many thanks to everyone who helped to make it a success!

MARZANNA on Siren Wire Editions!

For our first release of 2013 we're delighted to present MARZANNA


Limited Edition of 50 copies each in a unique gatefold 'collage' sleeve handmade by Marianne Nowottny

Released: Monday 18th March, 2013

Marzanna is the brainchild of experimental, eclectic, pyschedelic musician Marianne Nowottny. Her first completely solo project since her early bedroom recordings. Described by Marianne as Psychedelic TexMex Country music, Marianne has created an amazing package of music and art. Each copy is entirely individual and handmade by the artist. Has to be seen to be believed!


November, 2012

Rainier Lericolais and 48 Cameras - NEW RELEASES ON SIREN WIRE EDITIONS

We're very proud to announce two new releases on our Siren Wire Editions imprint.

The first is Ear Ly Nostalgie by Rainier Lericolais


Amazing new music from the Paris based artist in stunning packaging


The second release is From A River To A Hill by 48 Cameras


The popular musical collective offer new music featuring contributions from: Peter James, Michael Begg, Nick Grey, David Coulter, Jean M. Mathoul & Shri Bernard Petit Jr.

This ground breaking release also features exclusive samples of recordings by original Velvet Underground drummer Angus Maclise (courtesy of Sub Rosa)

Both releases are strictly limited to 50 copies of each.

October, 2012

'L'empreinte de nos regards' BOOK AND CD RELEASE

The book/cd of the blog project curated by Christophe Havot is now documented in a full-colour book/cd. The blog, which ran as part of A Tribute To SoulSeekers from April to August 2012, featured Photographs by Christophe Havot, Prose by Lucile Cardeilhac (with translations by AnneMarie Borg) and music by Susan Matthews (CD mastering by Peter James)


All texts and images are gathered in a 56 page, A5 book format with a 22 track cd inside the rear cover.

Strictly Limited to 50 copies priced at 12Euros + shipping

Please visit: for order details

The Dead Mauriacs 'Saturnalia' UPDATE

Following the broadcast of Saturnalia by the team at Cosmogol999 Radioshow the show is now available as a podcast:

The Dead Mauriacs on Jet FM

Susan has contributed vocals to a new project by The Dead Mauriacs - Saturnalia will be broadcast on Sunday 21st October as part of the Cosmogol999 Radioshow on Jet FM Radio 91.2


Saturnalia is an extended composition featuring Olivier Prieur (field recordings, walkman, harmonium, plywood, computer, tea), Vincent Domeyne (threshold guitar and subterranean computer), Thorsten Soltau (avant garde voice) and Susan Matthews (orchid dreams voice).

Watch out for a CD release in the not too distant future


September, 2012


Coming Monday 10th September 2012:

Peter James 'there is only now' & Susan Matthews 'Raw Sonata'

Listen to/download Raw Sonata here:

Peter James 'there is only now' (Siren Wire Editions, SWE016)

More details and audio samples here:


Susan Matthews 'Raw Sonata' (Siren Wire Recordings, SW101)



August 2012

NEW REVIEWS of A Stream Of Consciousness by Delphine Dora added to the Siren Wire Editions page and Tales From The Forbidden Garden by Susan added to Susan's Reviews page

July, 2012 - Fugue Satori


I want to take this opportunity to express my heartache at the passing of the beautiful Michelle (Fugue Satori) She was an inspiring bundle of energy and enthusiasm and an astounding musical talent.

'Dear Michelle, the struggle is over... take care out there, save me a seat at the piano...' Susan, July 2012

June 2012


We're very excited to announce the release of two new cds by two incredible artists on SireWire Editions

The first is A Stream Of Consciousness by Delphine Dora featuring a set of 14 piano based compositions. Beautiful and bewitching, delicate and exploratory, an absolute treat. In a simple, stylish sleeve hand made by Susan.


The second is Les cauchemars d'un mangeur de dariole (lors d'une séance d'hypnose) by The Dead Mauriacs A set of studio constructions and live recordings on a theme of 'an imaginary hypnosis'. A fascinating project (and our favourite so far by the Mauriacs!) This one comes housed in a foldout card sleeve with obi, professionally printed, then hand constructed and numbered by Olivier Prieur.


Both title are strictly limited to 50 hand numbered copies (on a first come first served basis) and will be released Monday 2nd July 2012


Christophe Havot has published a book and cd of his first blog project. 48 WEEKS consists of a 100+ page professionally printed and bound book of photographs and prose accompanied by a double cd featuring music created for the blog by a vast array of artists including: Tex la Homa, Brian Lavelle, Nick Grey, Andrew Paine, Peter James, Fugue Satori, Delphine Dora, 48 Cameras etc... Susan contributed My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth (Myrddin Mix)

48 Weeks is strickly limited to 48 copies. You can find more details here:

while you're there you can explore 'Project 2' a 22 week project featuring images, prose and music (composed by Susan)


April 2012


Susan's latest solo album will be released Monday 30th April 2012.


'Tales From The Forbidden Garden is my shortest album to date but probably the most involved to create. It began with a dusty analogue tape given to me aeons ago by a close friend. The cassette was a series of guitar ‘jams’ created by Laurence Kain shortly before he died.

Laurence’s approach to music was free and experimental and his guitar recordings gave me the starting point for a new challenge. I played with the ‘jams’, cut them up, changed them around, sampled them, inverted them, ripped them apart and then began to build.

The songs I created explore themes of betrayal, anxiety, loss, violence and nightmare. They are gutteral and fierce and raw and rough around the edges - a reflection of life as it is for all of us from time to time.

Tales From The Forbidden Garden is dedicated to Laurence in the hope that wherever he is he understands some of us are still listening...'
Susan, April 2012

Listen to the full album and download in a variety of formats here:

The CD version will be released on Monday 30th April.



Every Sunday evening over the coming 22 weeks Christophe Havot will publish Project 2 : L'Empreinte de nos Regards

The weekly blog involves poetry and prose written by Lucile Cardeilhac, Christophe Havot will then add original photography inspired by the words and Susan Matthews will use the words and images as inspiration for a series of musical compositions.

The project begins Sunday April 1st, 2012

To experience the blog please bookmark:


Christophe Havot : Auteur Photographe Vidéaste Lucile Cardeilhac : Auteur Photographe Susan Matthews : Musicienne Annemarie Borg : Chanteuse, musicienne, poète

Lucile propose chaque semaine une image et un texte auxquels Christophe réagit avec une image et un texte très court. Susan propose à chaque fois une musique originale en rapport avec la publication. Annemarie assure la traduction anglaise des textes.

Durée du projet : 22 semaines.

Sauf imprévu, les publications auront lieu chaque dimanche à 20h.


Christophe Havot: Author Photographer Videographer Lucile Cardeilhac: Author Photographer Susan Matthews: Musician Annemarie Borg: Singer, musician, poet

Lucile offers weekly picture and text to which Christopher responds with an image and a very short text. Susan offers each time an original music-related publication. Annemarie provides English translations of texts.

Project duration : 22 weeks.

Barring unforeseen events, publications will be held every Sunday at 8PM.

March 2012


The CDR edition is now available for pre-order and comes in a printed gatefold sleeve (hand made by Susan) Official release date is April 2nd 2012.

UPDATE: ASHES OS THE SOUL is now available for listening and/or downloading in a variety of formats at Susan's Bandcamp page:

The cd version will be available in April

Ashes Of The Soul the third album from Harme (Susan Matthews & Clint Newton) will be released by Siren Wire Recordings before the end of the month. Audio samples and pre-order details soon.



New Compilation Track

Susan has contributed a previously unreleased song to Necktar 2017, Volume IV
The entire compilation can be downloaded for free here:

A Rhythmic Brutality is an early piece of electronica by Susan and was created from acoustic piano recordings which were manipulated using Sound Edit 16 on a Mac Performa.

January 2012


Siren Wire sleeve artist Mark Ingram has created a series of short art films entitled Dreams featuring Susan. The films are a series of infinite loops

Dream 01 Recall 1 from Mark Ingram on Vimeo.

View other films in the series here:


'In 1963 the French Fluxus artist, Robert Filliou, declared January 17 to be the 1,000,000th birthday of art which for some decades now has been celebrated worldwide. As in the previous years, in 2012 artists all over the world will organise a networked birthday party for art'

Follow this link: to hear Water Takers (Original Version) Susan's contribution to Arts Birthday


Two wonderful new releases coming Monday 16th January:

New music from Matthew Shaw


Debut album from Empty Vessel Music


Find more information and listen to extracts on the Siren Wire Editions page.


Curated by Amanda Votta to help pay for her cat Bran to undergo very expensive and necessary surgery Compilation For A Cat includes mainly rare and exclusive tracks from 37 artists including Tony Wakeford, Michael Tanner, Tex la Homa (Matthew Shaw), Brian Lavelle, Agitated Radio Pilot and many others

Susan has contributed Ellipse-Theme which was originally created for a Sound Projector magazine compilation back in 2009

Benefit For A Cat can be downloaded from Bandcamp:

Please Note: Benefit For A Cat is no longer available


'As 2011 draws to a close I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has helped to make this a really special year for me. To everyone who has listened to my music, invested in it, sent kind messages of support, to my musical collaborators and all the Siren Wire Editions artists who have trusted their music to the label. Thank you! I hope 2012 brings you all the happiness you deserve...'
Susan x

December 2011

A KISS FOR THE UMBRELLA MAN - news/reviews/free download

Susan's homage to Erik Satie has now sold out, many thanks to everyone who helped to make it a success.


A number of reviews have surfaced in recent weeks - these have been added to our reviews page.

Susan is also offering a FREE DOWNLOAD of an unreleased track from the project - Huit 'N'allez Pas Plus Haut' is available here:

November 2011

A KISS FOR THE UMBRELLA MAN - a homage to Satie

Susan is a musician and composer based in South Wales. Her long and varied discography showcases her many talents as composer, performer and, in this case, interpreter. Here she pays homage to the compositions of Erik Satie through this set of beguilling arrangements. (from the Quiet World website)

A seven track set featuring extracts from Pieces Froides No.1, Gymnopedies No.1 and Gnossiennes No2 & 4 by Eric Satie. Recorded summer 2011 on a Yamaha P70 portable piano with vocals from Olivier Preiur.

The title A Kiss For The Umbrella Man references Satie's fascination with the umbrella, he owned over 100 and would regularly carry one with him. When it rained he would put it under his coat to protect it!

The album is available from in a plastic sleeve with professionally printed insert and a Quiet World business card signed and numbered by Susan. Strictly limited to 50 copies.


Four years in the making Motion.Silence.Echo a double album of remixes of music by Susan Matthews by some of her favourite contemporary artists is now available for pre-order.
(For more information about Motion.Silence.Echo please visit our dedicated page)

Click here to listen to the entire album and download in a variety of formats: (download of the full album includes PDFs of all the artwork)

Pre-order the Deluxe Version of Motion.Silence.Echo.


Two discs in individual full colour sleeves and a folded colour inlay all housed inside a white card 'pouch'. The entire package is hand made by Susan.

Pre-order the Standard Version of Motion.Silence.Echo.


A single disc in a plastic sleeve with a full colour card insert. Hand made by Susan.

October 2011

Andrew Paine & Alistair Crosbie 'Headwaters'

Released: 10th October 2011 on Siren Wire Editions
This is strictly limited to 50 copies.


Siren Wire at Norman Records

Several titles from the Siren Wire Recordings and Siren Wire Editions labels are now available from Norman Records. Including some rarities by Matthew Shaw, Andrew Paine, The Blue Tree and Brain Lavelle. Visit: for further details.

Phil and Brian at Norman's have also penned some excellent reviews of Brian Lavelle's 'Hyperboreans' and Matthew Shaw's 'The Four Zoas together with The Place Of Limitless Echoes by Harme


and Alone In The Midnight Ocean (many thanks to Phil for also making this a Norman Records Recommendation)


Electrogals Festival

Susan's music will feature in the Listening Room element of this years Electrogals Festival 2011: Gals Gone Wired. The festival runs from October 10th-15th at Disjecta Interdisciplinary Art Center 8371 N Interstate Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97217

The goal of Elecrogals is 'to showcase female electronic music composers and performers, and to inspire, encourage, and create a musical community'

August 2011


The Dead Mauriacs have recorded their second album for Siren Wire Recordings. Fictions is packaged in a beautiful black paper sleeve with a professionally printed loose-leaf book with photographs and texts by Hélène & Olivier Prieur

Released Monday 5th September 2011


For more information visit our dedicated Siren Wire Editions page


- Under A Big Red Sun (A Benefit For Oxfam International) was released on the 10th August. Featuring a number of wonderful acts including Blind Cave Salamander, Murmurists, Vultures Quartet etc. It also includes Bruises the first full length song by Wndow Tappers (Tony Wakeford & Susan Matthews)

The album is currently available to download from Amazon, cdbaby etc and will be available to buy on cd very soon from Zos Kia Records and Oxfam shops

- A Tribute To Soul Seekers a great blog by Christophe Havot features a new version of My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth The Myrddyn Mix was published on 14th August.

- In Search Of The Shadow Walker is mentioned favourably in the July Terrascope 'rumbles' here:

July 2011


We're now accepting pre-orders for the following releases:

SW97 Susan Matthews 'Alone In The Midnight Ocean' (new album)


SW96 Susan Matthews 'The Sea Breathes' (new remix ep)


SWE009 Fugue Satori 'Subgenre' (latest Siren Wire Editions) - SOLD OUT


Pre-orders will be posted during the first week of August 2011

'Alone In The Midnight Ocean' is also available for digital download from:
Download of the full album includes FREE download copy of 'The Sea Breathes' together with full cd artwork for both releases

All cds can be purchased individually from our online shop



Listen to her remix of Decembre and visit/contribute to the project here:

decembre bruit_1

décembre remix

Titre : décembre
Auteur : susan matthews
Enregistré et mixé par l’auteur, dans son studio personnel
mars 2011.

décembre remix - LaM // Bruits de fond(s)


Alone In The Midnight Ocean - New Solo Album

Susan's 8th solo album will be released on Monday 1st August 2011 on Siren Wire Recordings
Here's a sneaky peek at the sleeve:



To accompany the release of Alone In The Midnight Ocean there will be a four track ep of remixes entitled The Sea Breathes




Two of Susan's long out of print eps have been uploaded to bandcamp for listening and downloading in a variety of formats

These include Summer's Joy Rekindled her collaboration with Glasgow based Alistair Crosbie...


...and The Cartography Of Fear (solo ep from 2008)


June 2011


For a limited time we're offering the opportunity to add an extra Siren Wire disc to your HARME order for only 2GBP


Take advantage of this offer using the Paypal button below. Use the drop-down menu to select your extra disc from the following list:

- Les Heures Creuses 'Awakening'

- The Dead Mauriacs 'Un Hiver, Dans Les Rapides'

- Susan Matthews 'Void Moon' ep

(Please note - This offer is now CLOSED - each of the releases can be purchased separately from our online shop)

Harme 'Untitled 2 (Ynyslas 1921)' by SirenWire

Harme 'Land Of Green Ginger (Caged Dream)' by SirenWire

Harme 'The Place Of Limitless Echoes'

The second album by Harme (Susan Matthews & Clint Newton) will be released on Monday 27th June by Siren Wire Recordings.
Harme is Clint Newton & Susan Matthews 'The Place Of Limitless Echoes' is their second album. Nineteen tracks long, clocking in at well over two hours of music across two discs.



Susan Matthews 'Void Moon' ep

A new ep from Susan featuring 'The Moon Has Left Her Mark On Me Pt 2 & Pt 3', 'The Lie That Never Asks Why' and 'The Lie That Holds Up The Sky' will be released Monday June 27th. It is available in cd format in a hand made 'envelope' style sleeve and can be listened to and downloaded in a variety of formats here:



Music For Two Pianos Vol 1 UPDATE

Sonic Oyster Records have SOLD OUT of Vol 1 of Susan's recent collaboration with Richard Moult. Norman Records and Volcanic Tongue still have a few copies
('Thank You' to Andrew at Sonic Oyster for working so hard to make this such a special release)


Sonic Oyster Records are now taking pre-orders for the new album by Susan Matthews & Richard Moult


Music For Two Pianos Vol 1
Partita For Two Pianos:
I Fantastia
II Passacaglia
III Ricercar I
IV Aria
V Ricercar II
VI Campane I
VII Corteggio

Recorded March 2011 in South West Wales, Mixed by Richard Moult.
Bowed Guitar by Michael Tanner

From the Sonic Oyster Records website:

Susan Matthews is a UK based composer/musician, known for her intense, ambitious, hypnotic harmonies and industrial noise creations: Richard Moult is a poet, painter and composer, and a member of Irish psych-folk band United Bible Studies.
‘Partita for Two Pianos’ is their first collaboration: a ‘classical’ transmission: personal, meaningful, emotive.
The playing is beautiful: the dynamics, tempo and expression of the music located somewhere between creative improvisatory deviation and the discipline of trained musical tradition.

Strictly Limited to 50 copies on CDR
£5.00 plus postage & packaging
Released 20th June: Taking Pre-Orders Now

POSTAGE & PAYPAL INFORMATION - CDRS - In the UK, please add 50p towards p&p for one disc, £1 for 2 or more. Outside the UK, please add £1 towards p&p for one disc, £2 for 2 or more. Paypal is preferred - the address is sonicoysterrecords (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk

Passacaglia by SirenWire

Susan Matthews & Richard Moult - Aria by Sonic Oyster Records

May 2011

'Thank you' to everyone who Pre-Ordered our new release by The Blue Tree. Pre-Orders have all been despatched. For anyone who missed out we only a few copies left. Please visit the 'Siren Wire Editions' page for order details.


April 2011

Hyperboreans by Brian Lavelle

Siren Wire Editions are proud to release new music by Brian Lavelle


'Hyperboreans is one soundscape from a series of Unimagined Landscapes, a loose collection of recordings that attempts to create in the mind of the listener visible soundworlds of a long-distance, slightly out-of-focus nature, rather than pieces which concentrate on points of detail...

Brian Lavelle has been recording music for almost two decades. Recently his music has been released music on Diophantine Discs, Sonic Oyster Records, Apollolaan, Hooker Vision and Tranquility Tapes; and, in addition to Hyperboreans, he has forthcoming works on Overland Shark (Kansas) and cae-sur-a (New York). He runs the Dust, Unsettled label and is a member of Fougou, with Matthew Shaw, and is one third of Space Weather, with Alistair Crosbie and Andrew Paine.

Hyperboreans will be released on Monday 25th April in a beautiful hand made sleeve and limited to 50 copies. Order details soon...

The Whispering Void - NEW REVIEW


Susan lives just down the road from me. We've never met. If we did I'd thank her for all the fantastic music she's passed my way. Thank her for avoiding the clichés and the boring fucking mediocrities that seem all prevailing in life these days. Thank her for making music that never fails to invigorate me and realise that in this cultural backwater there are true artists making music that speaks from and to the heart, soul AND mind.
I love Susan's music. Buy it, try it, love it.

Ian Holloway has reviewed The Whispering Void for the latest issue of his webzine Wonderful Wooden Reasons

March 2011

GET CARTER @ Step Sequence

Tyneside Cinemas are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the film Get Carter

As part of the celebration they've constructed a virtual Gateshead Carpark which can be viewed here: Get Carter, Gateshead Carpark

Susan's composition The Lie That Holds Up The Sky is included in the project. (Unfortunately, the site doesn't appear to be MAC compatible, so let us know if it works!)

New Music by The Window Tappers

Head over to to download 23 Seconds OV Time. Vol.2 featuring Well Done by The Window Tappers (Susan Matthews & Tony Wakeford)

Tony has uploaded an extract from Bruises by The Window Tappers to his Facebook page here:

February 2011


In February 2010 Susan Matthews and Clutter travelled from their respective homes in Wales and Cumbria to Lambeth in South London to prepare for their performance at The Ship Of Fools.

Ships Will Leave documents their rehearsals and the development of the piece they would later perform. (A 'bootleg' recording of the gig is also available) For order details please visit our Online Shop




The Four Zoas reviewed by UNCUT Magazine

Many thanks to Jon Dale for his four star review of The Four Zoas by Matthew Shaw in this months Uncut magazine.

'Thank you' Tom Bristow for the photo


The Window Tappers (Tony Wakeford and Susan Matthews) have contributed a 60 second piece entitled Numb to Volume 8 of Hal McGee's International Email Audio Art Project

Visit: for more information


The Dead Mauriacs

Un Hiver, Dans Les Rapides by The Dead Mauriacs will be the next release by our offshoot label Siren Wire Editions


Official release date: Monday 28th February 2011. Order now from our online shop.

The Lie That Never Asks Why

A previously unreleased track by Susan has been included in Marco Lucchi's project Some Perfect Curtains

A variety of sound artists have been asked to compose closing songs for 'imaginary albums'

Listen and/or download The Lie That Never Asks Why' here:


January 2011

Awakening by Les Heures Creuses

The fourth limited edition releases in the Siren Wire Editions series is now available. Awakening is the debut album by multi-media artist Hoel Kenven

'An interior voice, a murmur that rises like a wail in a night of imagery and clatter. The song leads us astray to create a passage through musical dreams while suggesting a memory of reality' 

'Une voix intérieure, un murmure qui s'élève telle une plainte dans la nuit des images et des fracas. Le chant brouille les pistes pour se créer un passage au travers de rêves sonores et s'écrit, se rappelant au souvenir d'une réalité' (Hoel Kenven, 2011)

Visit the SW Editions page for more information and to hear one of the songs


The Pruning Remedy by Beed and Fascia

The third limited edition release in the Siren Wire Editions series is now available for pre-order. The Pruning Remedy was created especially for the label by Clint Newton (also known for his work as half of Harme with Susan Matthews)


The Pruning Remedy is strictly limited to 50 hand-made and numbered copies in full colour, gatefold sleeve. It will be officially released on Monday 10th January 2011. Pre-order details on the SW Editions page.

The Whispering Void Reviewed

'...a sheer pleasure trip for anyone from the dark-side'

New review of The Whispering Void courtesy of UK based reviews site has been added to our Reviews page.


Shaun Blezard (Clutter) has kindly included Susan's Keel (Impression) in Glass Leaf Radio his latest Cloudcast mix:

December 2010


Two new cdr releases are now available:

Harme is a new collaboration between Susan Matthews & Clint Newton (Beed and Fascia) it was created late-summer/autumn 2010 and is released by Siren Wire Recordings


The Four Zoas was created by Matthew Shaw (Apollolaan, Tex la Homa) especially for release on our Siren Wire Editions imprint and is strictly limited to 50 hand numbered copies


Both cdrs are released on the 6th December in a new style hand made, full colour, gatefold sleeve.

Please visit our 'online shop' for order details and to hear samples.

November 2010

Many thanks to everyone who ordered Andrew Paine's cd. We only have a handful of copies left so if you want one don't hang around.

We're pleased to announce the next Siren Wire Editions release will be The Four Zoas new music recorded especially for us by Matthew Shaw (Tex la Homa, Apollolaan Recordings) A December release date will be confirmed very soon.

Then moving into the new year expect new releases by Les Heures Creuses, Richard Moult, Empty Vessel Music and Beed and Fascia

Susan's recent collaboration with Beed and Fascia (aka Clint Newton) will be released by Siren Wire Recordings this month:

harme (with Susan Matthews) by beed and fascia

October 2010

Andrew Paine 'The Earth Remains Unshattered'


i) The Earth Remains Unshattered
ii) Matter & Space
iii) Forsake the Sky
iv) So Long As My Pincers Hold
v) Sceadu
vi) A Pulse Around A Circle
vii) Brilliant White
viii) The Storm is Overpast

Listen to a short extract here:

Recorded in Glasgow, July - September 2010

Limited hand numbered edition of 50 in plastic slipcase with full colour card inserts. £4 GBP including postage & packaging to anywhere in the world.

This CDr will be released Monday 8th November 2010

For more information about Andrew's other releases please visit;

Siren Wire Editions

Next month Siren Wire Recordings will be launching a new arm of the label with the release of 'The Earth Remains Unshattered' by Glasgow based Andrew Paine


Siren Wire Editions will focus on limited edition releases by carefully selected artists from around the globe. More news soon...

Shadow Walker reviewed

The latest issue of Wonderful Wooden Reasons includes a review of In Search Of The Shadow Walker. Ian Holloway describes the work as ' absolute delight...a beautiful album'

Read the full review at Wonderful Wooden Reasons
( ) or visit our 'reviews' page


September 2010

Download 'The Whispering Void'

The Whispering Void is now available to download from cdbaby using the link below:

In the next few weeks it will appear on itunes and all the usual digital download sites

August 2010

The Whispering Void

Susan's seventh solo album The Whispering Void will be released by Siren Wire Recordings on the 19th August 2010


Piano, voice, strings, acoustic guitar and electronics combine to create a calm but edgy meditation on the sorrows of grief.


Susan's latest mix created exclusively for The Garden Of Earthly Delights radio show will be released on the same day as The Whispering Void The mix was originally broadcast November 2009 and includes some previously unreleased material including Almost As Already Is and Land Of Green Ginger The mix clocks in at close to 40 minutes and is housed in a beautiful hand crafted card sleeve with incredible photography by Bethany Resch



July 2010


Head to for a FREE Download of a previously unreleased mix of The Age Of Hills (original version on In Search Of The Shadow Walker)

In Search Of The Shadow Walker

Susan's first solo album for two years will be released by Sonic Oyster Records on 19th July 2010


Track listing
Water Takers
The Deepening Dark
On Gwendraeth Fach
The Age Of Hills
Charlotte's War
King Of The World
Llanrhidian Marsh
Shadow Walking

An album of 'classically inspired vignettes and piano compositions' In Search Of The Shadow Walker is strictly limited to 80 copies. For pre-order details please contact:

May 2010

60x60 DANCE event

New York based Vox Novus have announced 60x60 Dance - Order of Magnitude Mix This is a ten hour event featuring music, dance and video. Music will be '...emitted from loud speakers at four corners of the gallery...Dancers will improvise at the center of the gallery...and live video will be projected on two opposing walls. The audience will walk freely in and out of the gallery, and around the dance area, being surrounded by multisensory stimuli from all directions'

Susan's ONPS-4 is included.

The event kicks off May 30th at 10:59 at the FoFA Gallery, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada



Susan's audio visual project with Mark Ingram is now available to pre-order from our online shop. The package includes a four track audio ep by Susan and a DVD featuring experimental films made by Mark in response to each of the ep tracks. The videos were created from footage shot by Mark and Susan in Cumbria last September.

Visit our Video page to view the films.


Packaged in a double jewel case with full colour hand-made inserts, Autumnal Abduction will be released in May 2010

Full track listing:
In Water
Earth Stammers
On Fire Island
The Fragile Air

Autumnal Abduction has been screened at the following venues:
The FON Festival, Barrow In Furness, Cumbria
The Lanternhouse, Ulverston, Cumbria
The Blast House, Carmarthen

April 2010


Apollolaan Recordings have announced that Silence Alight sold out within 24 hours of release, thank you to everyone who helped to make it a success.




Silence Alight by Susan Matthews & Clutter is released 20th April on the wonderful Apollolaan Recordings This is a very, very limited release (50 copies) in beautiful individually hand-painted sleeves.

Silence Alight was recorded with Clutter last October in Cumbria during Susan's residency at the FON (Full of Noises) Festival. It’s an extended work (around 23 mins) for piano, field recordings and electronics.

Visit: to hear an extract

Purchase the cdr for £5 UK or £6.50 Rest of World - paypal payments to:

or visit for a paypal buy it now button

Remember these are strictly limited art editions, each disc comes in an individually hand painted sleeve with a full colour insert and a full colour 'wrap-around' outer cover. These are absolutely beautiful and expected to sell out very fast.


Two videos of Susan performing with Orfeo 5 at The Blast House in February have been added to the 'video' section of this website

The Blast House 2, 30 March 2010

live at the Blast House

March 2010


Heathen Harvest have published a comprehensive review of last month's Ship Of Fools night in London. The event was organised by Tursa and Kaparte Promotions to celebrate the launch of the compilation cd With Friends Like These and included performances by Tony Wakeford, Andrew King, Susan with Clutter, Naevus, Vultures and Eva Eden
Full review here:


Visit the blog of visual artist Kathryn Campbell Dodd for a short review of the February debut of The Blast House featuring a performance by Susan with Orfeo 5:


The new Classwar Karaoke compilation was released 28th February 2010. For those unfamiliar with the project:

'ClassWar Karaoke is a collective and netlabel, originated and operated by Anthony Donovan, Adrian Beentjes and Jaan Patterson. As a project, ClassWar Karaoke is based around a series of ongoing, quarterly surveys. Each survey is different - in terms of personnel, number of personnel, and in terms of theme. Participation is fairly open - so long as those interested in being involved work intelligently within the broad context of experimental music and do not seek to use the project as just another on-line shop-window for their material. So far, the inclusive nature of classwar karaoke has worked wonderfully-well in terms of quality of material'

Classwar Karaoke 0009 Cover Art

Susan's contribution to the project is a collaboration with Clutter (Shaun Blezard)

Ships Will Leave (8:44) was recorded live in Lambeth, London in Feb 2010 during rehearsals for their Ship Of Fools performance at Temple Pier to promote the release of the Tursa compilation With Friends Like These

Ships Will Leave is a reworking of elements of Susan's Time Will Leave Me Behind from the Tursa compilation.

More information about Classwar Karaoke here:

February 2010



Susan will headline live with Shaun Blezard and Keith Jafrate (Orfeo 5) at the debut of The Blast House a new monthly multi-media event curated by Chris Ozzard. Susan and Orfeo 5 will create new music for the event and will also perform a new version of Shaun and Susan's Silence Alight the piece they debuted at last October's FON Festival in Cumbria. Experimental film maker Mark Ingram will also be debuting new videos featuring music by Susan.

The Blast House kicks off at 7.30pm at the Lyric Theatre, Carmarthen, Wales.


Tursa and Kaparte Productions present "With Friends Like These" a double CD featuring a 'compilation of artists not constrained by musical label or ghetto'. Susan's contribution is Time Will Leave Me Behind

The album also includes tracks by: Orchestra Noir, Sieben, Naevus, Tor Lundvall, Tony Wakeford, Andrew King and Arcana, Albireon, Alex Monk, Amber Asylum, Andrew King, Arcana, Art Immunda, Autumn Grieve, Brown Sierra, Christy & Emily, Cutty Sark, Eva Eden, Gargemella, Golgatha, Gregorio Bardini, Guy Harries, Heidika, Hekate, Hide & Seek, Hong Kong In The 60s, Human Greed, Man Eat Man Eat Man, Mercy Liao, Naevus, Orchestra Noir, Pilori, (r), Richard Moult, Rose Rovine E Amanti, Seventh Harmonic, Shining Vril, Sieben, Sonver, That Summer, The Hare & The Moon, Tony Wakeford, Tor Lundvall, Vega, Vultures and While Angels Watch.

The CD is distributed by Cold Spring.

January, 2010


Susan will be doing a short live set with Clutter at The Ship Of Fools Club, Bar & Co Temple Pier, Victoria Embankment, London, WC2R 2PN on 7th Feb, doors:7.30pm - this is the Tursa 'With Friends Like These' cd launch and will include performances by Naevus, Tony Wakeford, Andrew King, Eva Eden and Will Connor


Ticket information here:


Two videos by Jim Tetlow shot at last October's F.O.N. FESTIVAL at The Canteen Media and Arts Centre, Barrow-In-Furness, Cumbria

Wonderful Wooden Reasons

The first issue of the new decade features a round up of top tens and highlights of 2009 by a wide range of musicians including Susan. Find out more here:

DECOYED on NECKTAR 2017 Vol. 2

The latest Necktar release on Le Colibri Necrophile is now available for free download, featuring Susan's previously unreleased piano based track Decoyed

More info here: