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Motion.Silence.Echo is available in three editions: Deluxe, Standard and Digital

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Two discs in individual full colour sleeves and a folded colour inlay all housed inside a white card 'pouch'. The entire package is hand made by Susan.

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A single disc in a plastic sleeve with a full colour card insert. Hand made by Susan.

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Motion.Silence.Echo. Reviews

I reviewed a Susan Matthews CD that came in recently which I thought was ace so I quickly nabbed this before anyone could get their germ-ridden paws on it. Apparently this two disc set has been four years in the making so you’d hope it’d be worth the wait. Some of her favourite artists have remixed her work and they include Nick Grey, Rainier Lericolais, Alistair Crosbie, Tony Wakeford, Andrew Paine, Tex La Homa, Clutter and a load of other folks. I find her style of experimental music very listenable and the remixers have largely kept this spirit intact whilst also staking their own territory. Electronics, piano and vocal samples are the main bread and butter here so if that scares you then run away! Having said that it’s all gone a bit beauty (ala Art of Noise) on the ‘M’ remix. That’s a red herring though as the majority of it is electronics and drones along with vocal samples which make the experience a more gentle one. I wish more women made experimental music cos it makes my ears feel nice. On double discs for the time being until it runs out and turns into a single disc edition....
Phil, Norman records, 16 November 2011


‘Dear Susan...Didn't have the chance to listen to the remix album in full until last night - I have to say I think it works really well together which is probably a testament to the strength of character in your work and, it seems to me, a shared desire amongst the remixers not to submerge that. As remix albums go, that represents a result!’ Alistair Crosbie


'Since I began releasing my own music back in 2005 I have interacted with many musicians who have impressed me not only with their imaginative and inspiring music but also with their warmth and modesty.

Motion.Silence.Echo was inspired by these musicians. I have always been interested in experimentation. I am fond of creating a sound and then working with that sound, deconstructing it, developing it, re-imagining it. In 2007 I hit upon the idea of allowing others the opportunity to remix my work.

I chose my remixers very carefully, I wanted artists I knew would have the courage and talent to really explore my music, people I knew would be unafraid of pulling it into their own soundworld, developing it and and re-presenting it back to me in a new form. People who I knew would be unafraid to show me something new about my music.

As an album Motion.Silence.Echo is diverse and eclectic, but ultimately coherent and satisfying. The results are incredible - startling, surprising, unnerving, comforting, imaginative, stark, complex, thrilling... an exciting testament to the wealth of talent within'

Susan Matthews, October 2011

Motion.Silence.Echo. the music

A double album of remixes of Susan's music. Released Friday 11th November 2011

Disc One


My Name Is Safe In Your Mouth remixed by Nick Grey
Un Performance de Leurre (A Decoy Performance remixed by Rainier Lericolais
A Dysfunctional Hush remixed by Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo
Where Birds Come To Die remixed by George Rogers
Joy's Farewell remixed by M
Summer's Faith In Summer's End (Summer's Over) remixed by Alistair Crosbie
Flinch remixed by Daniel Park
Blistered Moonlight remixed by Tony Wakeford

Disc Two


King Of The World remixed by Andrew Paine
The River Is Flowing (On Gwendraeth Fach) remixed by Marco Lucchi
The Lie That Holds Up The Sky remixed by Tex la Homa
Earth Stammers remixed by The Dead Mauriacs
Slow Corrosion (Hushed Corrosive/Lifelore) remixed by Clutter
Time Will Leave Me Behind remixed by Beed and Fascia
Almost February remixed by 1000 Aeroplanes Crashing In The Night
Veiled remixed by Damon Shulman

Motion.Silence.Echo. the artwork





Photographs by Peter Ingram
Sleeve design by Mark Ingram

Motion.Silence.Echo the remixers

Alistair Crosbie is a Glasgow born and based musician with a large catalogue of solo and collaborative works behind him. Aside from two performances as a member of Opaque - founded and led by Lea Cummings (a/k/a Kylie Minoise) - and the completion of "Headwaters" with Andrew Paine, he has taken 2011 off. He has recently tuned his guitar for the first time in several months.

Beed and Fascia is Clint Newton, a sound artist, poet and visual artist who resides in Roswell, Georgia, USA. Beed and Fascia is his primary project and is an intersection of absurdity and elegance, refinement and crudity. Future projects include collaborations with ambient bassist Bob Ohrum for the Relaxed Machinery label, painter and musician Jeffrey Collins, and a third release with Susan Matthews as Harme. In addition, solo work under the name Icewalker Suite is forthcoming with the album 23 Poems For Kristamas Klousch which is currently in early production. Digital releases are available and added frequently at

Clutter is the brainchild of audio/visual artist and Artistic Director of Earth Monkey Productions, Shaun Blezard who has produced music for film, theatre, dance and art installations. Clutter works with a mixture of found sounds/field recordings and traditional instruments to produce highly textured soundscapes which drift in and out of focus. Sometimes they float beautifully near dub and dance other times they rattle your head. At all times clutter produces works of excellence. Before being called Clutter he was called Manassas.
Website: Clutter

The Dead Mauriacs were conceived during a summer's night discussion, as we were drinking and eating in our garden in Le Havre. We were talking with friends (and others who are no longer our friends) about key words in pop-rock culture. How many bands are called 'The Dead something' ? So we asked ourselves, for French people, what would be the least rock and roll name beginning with 'The Dead...' and we choose Mauriacs, a french catholic writer with a strange asthmatic voice, made famous after the second world war. The Dead Mauriacs were born as a kind of serious joke.
Currently The Dead Mauriacs are mainly a duo : Vincent Domeyne and Olivier Prieur, sometimes joined by Hélène Prieur for words and voice, and visual artists Serge Boistelle and Charles Rousselin.
Website: The Dead Mauriacs

Nick Grey lives in Monaco and Canada and has been releasing music since 2003. He works solo and as part of Nick Grey & The Random Orchestra, 230 Divisadero, 48 Cameras and Grey Force Wakeford (with Kris Force and Tony Wakeford). Past, present or future contributors to the Random Orchestra records include Matt Shaw (Tex La Homa), Charlemagne Palestine, Martyn Bates (Eyeless In Gaza), Jessica Constable, Jean Marie Mathoul, Nicholas Davis, Rodolphe G., Vasile Moldoveanu. He also runs the "speciality label" Milk & moon recordings, on which he releases records in limited, hand-made editions.
Website: Nick Grey

Rainier Lericolais is a French sound designer and contemporary artist who has composed music for films, galleries and cd. He creates electro acoustic and minimal compositions based mainly around piano, voice, processed sounds and field recordings. He is part of noimage with Simon Fisher Turner and Matthews/Lericolais with Susan Matthews.
Website: Rainier Lericolais facebook

Marco Lucchi is a mellow and mature artist aging 55. He loves and releases eclectic music that goes from classical, post-classical to acoustic and electro. Founder of Orchestra Eclettica e Sincretista, a collective of artists from all over the world, he strongly believes in the shareability of projects, ideas and goals. His fav instrument is the mellotron.
Website: Marco Lucchi
for a good introduction to his music please read the following article:

Andrew Paine is a Glasgow based musician: his work ranging from solo voice, through layered howling guitars, gentle piano interludes, oblique electronics and wherever he likes in between. He initially broke cover collaborating with Richard Youngs in their progressive rock group project ILK. Following their second album “Canticle” (VHF, 2005), he has become particularly prolific; releasing many collaborative titles both with Youngs, Alistair Crosbie and Matthew Shaw (as The Blue Tree). He founded his own Sonic Oyster Records in 2006 to release much of his work and currently enjoys dropping the bass guitar and eating cheese in the progressive kraut-rock power trio, Space Weather, with Alistair Crosbie and Brian Lavelle. He is currently working on the second part of a threatened quartet: Z4: Sky Station: Second Coming.
Website: Sonic Oyster Records

Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo (from Torino, Italy)  is a member of experimental cult bands Larsen and Blind Cave Salamander, he is also known  as ( r ), an acronym he uses for his solo project. In almost 15 years of activity he has worked  on more than 20 albums  both as musician and or producer. Among others, he has collaborated so far  with Johann Johannsson, Nurse With Wound, Current 93, Baby Dee, Michael Gira, Ernesto Tomasini, Fovea Hex, Lydia Lunch, Little Annie, Damo Suzuki
Website: Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo reverbnation

Daniel Park creates some of the most original and exciting circuit bent instruments on the market, as Spunky Toofers he is one of the most exciting and original performers of improvised circuit bent music in the world today. He is also part of the experimental duo Sonitus Intortus with Nebula Girl.
Website: Spunky Toofers

George Rogers (Sheffield, UK) is a sonic artist who also works with video and painting. Past works have included interactive installation and live performance. He is currently working with exploratory synthesis techniques and digital video. He has performed and exhibited in the UK and at international festivals including Lovebytes, Ultrasound, Termite Festival, Future Sonic, Short Circuits Film Festival, and Fishing-Weissensee in Berlin.

M is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, audio engineer, puppeteer, actor, composer, anthropologist & genealogist of antiquity but sees himself as “more of a conceptual artist” than a songwriter. His work ranges from electro-acoustic sound art incorporating Ligeti-esque strings and woodwind to Ethnic and electro-pop. He collaborated with Jarboe (ex Swans) in 1998 on music for her album Disburden Disciple (1999) and some tracks also appear on Knight of Swords (2005) and M’s album Documenting Nature Abuse, Orphaned Land on El Norra Alila and Mabool, his various projects include: Sol Invictus, The Triple Tree, The Cutmen, Zunroyz and iNiT He has a particular affinity with Middle Eastern music due to his upbringing and heritage, and modal and instrumental nods to the region are interwoven throughout his music to add a “different dynamic”. Other projects include The Guild, an aural document of various subjects, one of many collaborations with Tony Wakeford; and Orchestra Noir, which he describes as “dark, classical, experimental music”
Website: M

Matthew Shaw is a Dorset based musician, artist and songwriter. Matthew has been making and releasing music since the mid 1990s and is probably best known for making music under the name Tex La Homa. The first Tex La Homa releases came in 2000 and have continued until 2010.
In the last five years or so Matthew has recorded less as Tex la Homa and increasingly under his own name. The recordings have become more experimental and less song based, exploring new avenues in sound and art. This has also coincided and been influenced by a number of collaborations, 230 Divisadero with Nick Grey, Fougou with Brian Lavelle and The Blue Tree with Andrew Paine being the most consistent and long term.
Over the years Matthew has released a number of albums for labels such as Locust, Blackest Rainbow, Sonic Oyster, Dust, Unsettled, Siren Wire Editions, Talitres, & Records and Acuarela, touring as often as possible in Europe and also with dates in the USA
Website: Apollolaan Recordings

Damon Shulman is a song writer/musician/producer. He released 'A Brief Moment of Panic' in 2006 and 'Vultures and Sheep' in 2008 through Alucard Publishing. He is a member of improvisation band The 4WJ. He’s currently writing a new album  and preparing to perform his latest material live.
Website: Damon Shulman

Tony Wakeford is an English folk and neoclassical musician who primarily records under the name Sol Invictus. He's also a prolific collaborator enjoying a series of successful recordings and performances with L'Orchestra Noir, Duo Noir, Owls, The Wardrobe, Triple Tree, Grey Force Wakeford, The Gild and Window Tappers
Website: Tony Wakeford

1000 Aeroplanes Crashing in the Night was a collective (in the most loosely defined sense) spearheaded by audio and visual artist David Wright LaGrone. Striking a balance between ambience, deconstruction and noise, 1000 Aeroplanes released one demo recording, one 8 song ep and one split ep with Minneapolis, MN, USA's DemiEtoile as well as several compilations during its two year tenure. The remix of "Almost February" by Susan Matthews is the last recording produced by them.
Website: David Wright Lagrone


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