Susan Matthews


New music from Siren Wire Editions

Amanda Votta, Marianne Nowottny, Delphine Dora, Empty Vessel Music, Fugue Satori, Matthew Shaw, The Dead Mauriacs, Forty-Eight Cameras, Peter James

New music from Susan Matthews

Shadow Wraiths - (album of remixes of songs from In Search Of The Shadow Walker)
Tales From The Forbidden Garden - (solo album)

Harme 'Ashes Of The Soul' - (third collaboration with Clint Newton)
Matthews/Lericolais - (new music)

Possible Live Dates

- May 2012 The Window Tappers (Susan Matthews, Tony Wakeford, Renee Wakeford), London


New music from Siren Wire Editions:

Beed and Fascia, Marianne Nowottny, Richard Moult, Empty Vessel Music, Les Heures Creuses, Delphine Dora, Dead Bird Flower, The Dead Mauriacs, Brian Lavelle, Alistair Crosbie & Andrew Paine, Fugue Satori

New music from Susan Matthews:

- Motion.Silence.Echo (album of remixes featuring Tony Wakeford, Nick Grey, Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo, Rainier Lericolais, M, Damon Shulman, Alistair Crosbie, Clint Newton, Andrew Paine, Marco Lucchi, Empty Vessel Music, Matthew Shaw)

- Alone In The Midnight Ocean (solo album)
- The Sea Breathes (ep of remixes to accompany Alone In The Midnight Ocean)
- In Shadows (ep of remixes of songs from In Search Of The Shadow Walker)
- Tales From The Forbidden Garden (solo album)
- The Self-Harm Handbook (solo album)
- Raw Sonata (solo album)
- The Last Seraph (solo piano improvisation)

- Harme 'The Place Of Limitless Echoes' (second collaboration with Clint Newton)
- The Window Tappers (collaboration with Tony Wakeford)
- New collaboration with Andrew Paine
- Ships Will Leave & Silence Alight (collaboration with Clutter)

Possible live dates:

- to be confirmed


Upcoming Events

- Launch of Siren Wire Editions a series of limited edition cdr releases by carefully selected artists from around the globe (first release November 2010)
Confirmed artists include: Andrew Paine, Matthew Shaw, Richard Moult, Les Heures Creuses, Beed and Fascia, Marianne Nowottny

- Harme a collaboration with Beed and Fascia to be released by Siren Wire Recordings November 2010
- The Whispering Void (solo album of piano, strings, acoustic guitar and electronics, calm but edgy ambience) released by Siren Wire Recordings 19 August
- In Search Of The Shadow Walker (an album of classically inspired vignettes) released by Sonic Oyster Records 19 July
- Autumnal Abduction a collaborative video project with filmmaker Mark Ingram released April.
- Silence Alight recorded by Susan and Clutter during rehearsals at last October's FON Festival released by Apollolaan Recordings
-Motion.Silence.Echo featuring a number of artists (Tony Wakeford, Rainier Lericolais, Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo, M, Clutter, Alistair Crosbie, Nick Grey, Damon Shulman, Daniel Park, 1000 Aeroplanes Crashing In The Night, George Rogers) who've been invited to remix tracks from Susan's CD releases. Expect a CD release by Siren Wire Recordings in 2011.

Confirmed live dates 2010:
- Sun 7th Feb, with Clutter, Ship of Fools, Bar & Co, Victoria Embankment
- 26th Feb, headlining with Orfeo 5, The Blast House, Lyric Theatre, Carmarthen, Wales
- 30th March with Orfeo 5, The Blast House, Lyric Theatre, Carmarthen, Wales

Future Projects
- The Window Tapper a collaboration with Tony Wakeford
- New collaboration with Richard Moult
- Tales From The Forbidden Garden (solo album) - guitars, drums, visceral songs and rhythms
- The Self Harm Handbook (Solo Album) - intimate and disturbing songs and instrumentals
- Harme - a second collaboration with BeedandFascia
- Guest vocals for the forthcoming album by The Gild (Tony Wakeford and M)


Listen to music at: myspace or soundclick